Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I just logged into my Google reader and it says that Google Reader will no longer be available after July, 2013.
That can not happen.  Has anyone else heard anything about this?


p.s. I will be posting about Ft. Worth after I finish grades.


  1. Eeks. I just checked and got the same message. I generally use just the dashboard for day-to-daycreading, but when I want to find a specific topic, I use google reader, and will be bummed to see it go. I cannot imagine why they are discontinuing it! One thing I've been doing more and more, is pinning (onPinterest) anything I know I will want to return to. So in a sense, my pinboards become my reader, so I don't do those searchers as often as I used to. I guess I'll use the reader to search old posts for things if interest, and pin them all before the readers disappears. Sigh.

    1. just is hard to change... when you love something and it works you like for it to stick around. Have heard good things about feedly so might have to investigate that (or keep praying that google changes their mind :)