Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fort Worth in Brief...

We arrived in Fort Worth and it was beautiful!
We hit the exhibit hall and attended some sessions (more on those later).  Thinking back to my NAEA trip to Los Angeles where I took my picture with Johnny Depp (he was shooting his movie Blow in our hotel), I snapped some pics with "famous art people."
Derek and Jessica Balsley from The Art of Ed
"Mr. E" from Art with MR. E
and Melissa Techman who writes Art Tech Beat for School Library Journal
We took the train to Dallas to see the Dallas Art Museum and have dinner with a friend who lives "down south."  He is a huge history buff and conspiracy theory fan so he was the perfect person to visit the "grassy knoll" with.
We did more sessions.  We walked a few blocks from the convention to the Justin Boot Outlet Store where I got my s***kickers (as they are called down south).
and then flew home... to THIS!
Luckily it is all melted and today is 50 degrees.... Gotta Love Nebraska

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