Monday, September 24, 2012

Elements of Art Monsters...

This ornery looking guy helped us start 5th grade reviewing the elements of art...
I used lines to draw the outside edges and the details on his legs and antennas.
I used geometric shapes for his body, head, feet and antenna ends and Organic shapes for his arms, legs and antennas.
I used the complimentary color scheme of yellow and violet.
His value changes from yellow to orange to help him look more like a form.
He has some dots but otherwise his texture is smooth.  
For space, we created a place for our monsters to live (one kind of space) that made our monsters look really big or really small (manipulating space with art tricks). 

After they wrote out a statement like mine above, we finished the project by writing a super short story (2-3 sentences) about our monsters.
My monster is going to sneak down into the kitchen in the middle of the night to devour little Timmy's birthday cake.  He is then going to wait till morning to see if he made little Timmy cry.  
... no one said the monsters had to be nice. 

The kids loved creating their monsters and I loved how much I learned about each student through their creation

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  1. Great way to teach the elements, and I'll bet the kids had great fun creating them! I'm enjoying your blog and will be following with anticipation!! :)