Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I love when my kids have multiple ways to showcase their creativity.  This summer I was cleaning out my kids playroom and found a few things that just had to come to school.

I don't really like my students to  have a lot of free time (I would rather have them working on an art project) but sometimes you have some QUICK finishers who just wont go back and put more into their work.  So yesterday was the first day I let them have access to the "free time" stuff.  The biggest hit was my son's "Magnetix" set.  (I don't want it at home for fear of my toddler eating any of the magnets).  There was some cool stuff being built.
(I have decided that I need to find an old carpet scrap to work on though... the sound of the magnets bouncing on the table was very distracting.)  

A few of the other things I brought are jenga blocks, playdough, ISpy games and puzzles.  I still have my extreme dot to dots, grid practice puzzles, famous artwork coloring pages and mazes for the kids to do.

What do you offer for free time?

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