Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live and Learn...

Isn't that how the saying goes.  Well today I did a lot of living and a lot of learning.  I had a situation in my room that required me to put alerting the principal to a situation ahead of starting my class.  This means I had to leave 24 students as they were walking into my room and tell them I will be back as soon as I could.  To avoid wasting class time, I put the last slide of today's power point up and told them, "when I get back you better be able to explain to me what today's assignment is."
When I returned they told me ...
"we are doing a landscape"
"we are changing values"
"we are going from light to dark"
"we are painting"
Pretty close.  I was very impressed with how much the figured out by looking at the example and discussing it while I was gone.  (we are practicing watercolor painting and working on how changes in value can impact the illusion of space)

The second lesson that I learned was that I spend way too much time walking around handing out water for watercolor painting... while students sit and wait.  So I went to the closet and got out the "water bottle."
I have always had the students dump their dirty water into "dirty water bowls" to prevent dirty floors but I had never thought about putting the water out for them also (maybe some of you are laughing at me for not). Now I just want to find some old flat lunch trays (think of what you use during church potlucks to carry your food to your table) so I can put the whole setup in one easy to move storage unit. 

Wonder what I will learn tomorrow...


  1. I always used the old lunch trays for avuncular of handing out and collecting, especially little pinch pots, etc. but honestly I'm amazed at the time art teachers spend handing stuff out. I did not. I would leave water containers on the sink counter, and pick kids to go to the sink and distribute. Same thing for putting away, collecting stuff, cleanup. The kids learned early on where stuff is stored so that they are empowered to do this. Saved me a lot of time.

  2. Stupid autocorrect. I have no idea what avuncular even means, or why it is in my comment above, or even what I was actually trying to say. I love my iPad, but oh that autocorrect is pretty bizarre sometimes!

  3. a·vun·cu·lar
    Of or relating to an uncle.
    Kind and friendly toward a younger or less experienced person: "an avuncular manner"

    Thanks Phyl... auto correct helped me learn a new world. We are up almost 20 students this year and the more students I have the more I am realizing I have to hand some of these things over. It is interesting to figure out how. Thank you for all your guidance and help... for your avuncular manner :)