Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pattern Crazy

So the last few weeks have had a lot of stuff happening... Due to H2O Daze activities,  maps testing and state basketball playoffs classes have been coming by homeroom instead of in regular order.  That means no seating charts, no tracking of who is coming or going... just trusting that homeroom teachers are bringing those who need to come, when they need to come.  We did a quick lesson to fill in this time.

We had done several cityscapes earlier so we did pattern filled landscapes.  We talked about the different stuff we would see in a landscape instead of a cityscape.  They drew a simple landscape and filled it with patterns (yes I was inspired by all the zentangle drawings I have been seeing). Some left them white...
and some choose to add color using chalk pastels.
and one class only got to see me once... so we snitched the NAEA Zentangle booth demo directions from Sylvia at Artsmudge.  On the board I showed them what a ladybug, aurora, shell and pick-up stick drawing would look like.  Then I read them the directions and they each created something unique.  
I think (but who knows) next week will be back to "normal."

This week has been beautiful around here... hope spring is starting to spring around all of you.  I know the beautiful colors my kiddos used today have me thinking spring!

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  1. Hello,
    I did a variation of this activity with my grade 5 students earlier this year. They absolutely loved it. I put a link to your blog post in my blogpost about this activity.
    Thanks for the inspiration,