Thursday, May 14, 2015

Descriptive Self Portraits

Our 5th graders are supposed to focus on descriptive writing for our state testing so when we started our portrait unit we started by "writing our self portraits."  

To get them thinking about how to write a descriptive self portrait they had to start by physically describing themselves to someone on the phone (someone who couldn't see them).  

Next they had to describe their personality and list 10 things they like and 10 things they dislike. 

After they sketched out their images, the wrote their portraits down onto watercolor paper.  
We finished them using wet in wet technique.  
Our watercolors were crayola marker watercolors and the kids loved them!  

I loved how different they all were.  
Some were so free while others were very structured.  
Some used just a few colors while others had to use every color.  

Some students were very brief with their writing and chose a few words to describe them.  
Others wrote and wrote and wrote. 
They were all very eye opening as to the students personalities. 

You can check out more at artsonia

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