Thursday, May 7, 2015

Be a Super Hero!

Drawing portraits is always an interesting challenge for middle school kids.  They developing from Dawning Realism to the Pseudo-Naturalistic Stage and they can be super critical of themselves.  It is important that they learn the rules of drawing a face but that they also have the "freedom" to make mistakes.  

This super hero project works great.  They are to draw themselves as a super hero but if they make a mistake or two it is okay because it is a cartoon version of themselves. 

We start the lesson by having them draw "the best human face" that they can.  They next class period we work together through this worksheet.  They then plan out their cover.  

I printed out a bunch of papers with the bar code and MS Comics logo.  They did they rest.  It is fun to see what their super hero powers are and how they view themselves.  

you can find more at our Artsonia site. 

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