Friday, May 1, 2015

Track Day

Today is one of "those days."  The crazy, fun ones that you know your students will remember even years from now.

It is the 9th annual Mr. Skiff Classic track meet.

That means we are shoving all the classes (and the wound up kiddo's) into the morning and we will spend the afternoon at the track.  It is an awesome day that is capped off with the big event:  THE TUG OF WAR.

One of my favorite parts of the track meet is the team spirit that comes shinning through.  Each team of kiddo's draws a name and then decorates their hallway to match. Here are this years teams:
The 6th grade Pink Roughnecks

The 6th Grade Black Phantoms

(probably my favorite decoration this year)

6th Grade Maroon Firebirds

5th Grade Golden Pharaohs 

5th Grade White Sabercats

5th Grade Red Fighting Pike

It is such a fun day... a lot of work, a lot of crazy but it is so much fun to see the kids come together. To hear them chant the names of their classmates who need encouragement to cross the finish line. To see teacher and students laughing together. All in all, I am glad it is done, but glad we did it! 

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