Monday, May 21, 2012

Awesome watercolors...

Did you know that cups of markers = liquid watercolors...

Every year I have had those "nasty, old, worn out" crayola markers that have "seen better days."  This year I decided to give them new life.  (disclaimer...I had read a few blogs about it and decided to give it a try)

WOW... talk about stretching your budget dollar.  

I started a "nasty, old and worn out" box for markers after Christmas. 
 By now I had collected a handful of each color.  I started soaking them last week, by color groups.  After 3 soaks (coffee cups about 1/2 full of water) I had some great colors. I am storing them in these squeeze bottles I have had setting around.   
I think I could have soaked them one more time as there was still some color left in the marker tips.
But I am ready to have all my "stuff" cleaned up.  

This week is the start of the annual art room "dirty wipe contest."
I make my own wipes using 1/2 a paper towel roll (cut in half) stuck into a Folgers coffee can of water and "all natural" cleaner.  Each student pulls out a wipe and every class has a place to clean... one class is equipment (scissors, rulers, markers,etc), one class is walls, one class is tables, one class is chairs, etc... Students turn in their dirty wipes for a jolly rancher.  
They love the candy, I love my sparkling walls and clean supplies.  
This was "inside the desks" gross!



  1. Wow, you leave a comment on my blog thanking me, and this is the first I have discovered yours. I apologize that it took me so long to find you!

    Anyhow - about the soaking markers - I did this for the first time ever this year after reading it on all the blogs, and it worked great... for a while. And then we went to use them for something and they all had a slimy disgusting gelatinous layer on them and I ended up having to dump them ALL. Curious if this has happened to anyone else.

  2. Hmm, I guess the marker paint may be better for immediate use if it gets gross after a while. Good to know. When I tried it, I found the colors to be vibrant, which I liked, but they are very staining(desk, clothing, etc.), so be careful. They sure are great colors, though, and used up the old markers. I wonder what could be put into the mixture to preserve the new paint?

    Great tip about a box for nasty, used up markers to save, too. My students can always find the markers that don't work anymore! Thanks!

  3. I LOVE this "dirty wipe" idea... especially the homemade wipes. I'm new to Middle School this upcoming year (wish I had thought of this in Elem!), and definitely going to try it.

    When I was student teaching, my mentor put Dawn dish soap in with this tempera/water color creation. The soap helped keep the paint from drying and also kept it fresh. Maybe that would help?

  4. I wonder if you could use the marker water for tie dye since it stains? Or maybe use the colored water mixed with Plaster of Paris, I have seen a pin where the plaster is poured into empty milk cartons and then kids carve the resulting blocks. This part could be done way in advance. I think the Dawn acts like an antibacterial agent preventing the slime. Other simple ingredient might produce the same effect, such as salt or lemon juice. I could be WAY off on my chemistry here, just brainstorming ideas.