Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shaving cream, toothpaste and lotion...

I had to laugh the other night as I was checking out at our local dollar general.  I had just bought them out of $1 shaving cream, $1 toothpaste and $1.50 aloe vera lotion.  You see we are working on a lot of fun things right now.

My 5th graders are finishing their food drawings/paintings, finishing their marbleized quotes, handing back all their artwork and preparing for Doodle for Google.  I will post more on their food drawings/paintings later.  The marbleized quotes come from an image I had pinned from artisan des arts a long time ago.  A while back I was having a sub and they needed an easy lesson.  My students worked during those classes to write out their quote(s).  This week we worked through the shaving cream marbleizing process.
I covered a section of the counter with shaving cream.
This amount would do an entire class of 24-27 students.  
I added liquid watercolors that I created.
You can see how here
We ran a paint brush through the shaving cream to mix the colors. 
The student put their image into the pile, face down.
After they "danced" their fingers over it, we would pull it off.  
We we scrapped off the shaving cream, the marbling pattern was left. 
... just an image with more marbleizing.
6th graders are working researching for their portrait project... but that is another post.  

So what about the lotion and toothpaste.  Well I have posted in the past about Celebrating Creativity. This year I have been horrible about meeting with students after school.  Well, I signed the kids up to create two mural pieces for the Dream Rocket project and an art show at Strategic Air and Space Museum. Well they are due March 1st so it finally time to get on it... right?  We we are using Phyl's (from There's a Dragon in my Artroom) toothpaste batik process for our project.  Monday we drew out ideas, Tuesday we "toothpasted" and next week we will paint. 
Here is one of our image's ready to dry.  
(Since my husbands grandfather invented the toy model rocket, we had to pay homage)

I am also letting each of them create a 6x6 square image for themselves.  
We also had fun playing with left over shaving cream to create invitations for our school board. 
.. although I had to remind Anden the scrappers and shaving cream did not make an ice cream sandwich (funny girl!).


  1. So excited to see how your toothpaste batiks turn out! You've taken a big challenge, doing lettering, but if the letters get lost you can always touch them up with Sharpies. What rand of paint are you using? Did you try one yourself first or did you just 'go for it'? Good luck! Shaving cream marbling is so much fun too!

    1. We just went for it... we are using Chromacryl to paint them. Life is an adventure right :) Thanks for the tip about the Sharpie.

  2. Piece of art :-) I thought it was a real shaving cream for that sandwich lol
    Well done.
    I would be interested if you post something like that on my website