Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Radial Design, take 2

A while back I posted about a radial design project that the 6th graders created.  Those were the images from only 1/2  of the students.  Those students were missing out on two days of school and therefore worked on regular copy paper that they could take home.   They also had their choice of what materials to use.

The other half created their images on tracing paper using markers or colored pencils.  The tracing paper images are my favorite (but don't tell anyone).  They just GLOW.  I could see them frame matted in black and shinning in a window but I also love them mounted onto white paper.

To create them we:

  1. I cut 4" squares in half.  Each student was given a triangle.
  2. They wrote their name out on their triangle making sure it touched all the edges. 
  3. They traced their name in black sharpie, which showed through to the back so they also traced it in reverse on the back.  
  4. Using their triangle, they worked their way around the paper making sure they had one point in the middle, one edge on the edge of the paper and the letters touched each other.  
  5. After drawing out their name, they filled the "space" with crayola marker or colored pencil. 

Check out more images at artsonia.

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