Thursday, November 29, 2012

thank you for inspiring us Mr. Boey

Perhaps you have seen these ads from Sharpie...if not, do, they are way cool!
The Sharpie blog also has a great Chemming Boey video.

We started a lesson by looking at the work of Chemming Boey and discussing what we thought of it...
  • How would they like to draw without sketching first?
  • How would they feel about throwing out at 80% finished project because you "messed it up." 
  • What do they think of drawing on coffee cups?
  • What else could they draw on?
  • How does he make dark and light ares?
We then had them create "coffee cup wrappers" that were inspired by his work.  Here is my FAVORITE (so far)

and a few of the other ones...

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