Friday, November 9, 2012

Stuck in a Hole

We did the first two days of perspective drawing going down a hallway and thinking about Alice in Wonderland... the last two we got "stuck in a hole."

We started drawing the same as if it were a hallway but then I challenged the students to think about it being the bottom of a hole. . . and they were going to be stuck in it.  I took pictures of the students sitting on the floor while I was standing on a table.  After finishing their images (one day with pencil shading and one day with colored pencil shading), we cut out and glued in their photos.

don't worry... we got them all out. 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a fabulous idea! Makes me think of watching an episode of Lost...

    My only question: did you need to spend a lot of time printing out all the photos for the kids?

    I'm pinning!

  2. Not too much time... I saved the photos in folders by day of the week. I just opened the folder and hit print. I could then choose to print them 5x7 (Alice in wonderland) or 3x5 (stuck in a hole). Went to the printer and there they were. For 75 students it probably took the printer 15 minutes to print them all out...

  3. Do you have a grading rubric for this project?