Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkins Everywhere...

this is supposed to be at the bottom of this post but since blogger wants it here... so here it is!
We have been working on this one for a while and I am happy to say it is finally DONE!  (well I still have grading and artsonia to do but the project is done).  We started by learning about contour line drawing.  We talked about the right and left side of the brain and how contour line drawing helps us use the right side!
We started by looking at pumpkins and gourds that I brought into the room.  They could pick them up and draw them one at a time.  
We then did contour line drawings of our pumpkins and gourds.  They did such a great job!
We spent some time talking about different mediums we could use, the colors of pumpkins, shading and color mixing.  The students then used colored pencils, oil pastels and chalk pastels to color a minimum of 3 of their pumpkins/gourds.
Then we made a background for our pumpkins.  Three classes did nighttime and three did daytime. 

Then we cut out our pumpkins and glued them down.  
We talked about space, size and compositions before gluing them down... but we still had a few floating pumpkins.
 Of course we had to miss one day's worth of classes because of something... so those classes made torn paper backgrounds for their pumpkins.  

and we had one day with a sub... and she totally messed them up.  She showed them the wrong video 
(so it goes when they don't read your sub plans or only a part of them... but I digress).
Therefore, they drew their pumpkins right onto black paper and colored them.  

And of course their are always a few that just make you smile...
I love these lines...
she only wanted to use white... but I kinda like them.
She did use colored pencil, oil pastel and chalk pastel to do the white....

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