Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It is working....

This semester I have a student teacher and he is doing great.  However some of my classes are taking this opportunity to push the limits.  It is really hard for me to not "step in" during some of the classes.  BUT since we all learn best from doing, I step back and let him work on it.  Last week we talked about this video I had watched a few years ago from the Organized Classroom and we thought he might give the cups a go...

I found some cups at Hy-Vee and we stacked them up.  Of course as the classes came in, they all wanted to play with them and they had a million questions about them.  But after explaining how they worked the kids bought right into it!  

It is working really well.  It fact after one class he said, "should I let them talk a little?"  I definitely think this is something that will stay in the art room even after he is finished with his student teaching!  

p.s. they don't work very well for color mixing... I was hoping but the colors just are vibrant enough (and I don't have blue).


  1. I may have to try these. I can see them getting played with too much, though.

  2. I would recommend explaining them to the kids before putting them on the tables or there is a lot of playing with them. Mr. Koehn told the students that if they were caught playing with them they would get an automatic flip (example: go from green to yellow). It seemed to go alright. He flipped them twice in one class and then the kids were asking if they could touch them to wash them tables :)

  3. I find it interesting that another art teacher has implemented this cup idea and with older grades - I'm assuming middle school? I used the cup idea this year with my K-3 art classes (I teach K-6). I, too, was inspired by that video. It works wonders with noise levels. Sometimes I forget to set out the cups and my kids ask me to put them on the tables because the visual really helps them. The rule is, if you play with the cups, your cup color automatically changes. The playing thing is eliminated immediately after that rule.

    My question for you is, do you set the cups out by tables or does each individual student have a set of cups?

  4. I had one set per table... with the discussion that you are to work together and that if there is someone at the table who needs some extra help being on task then the table mates will help them out. They also know that if it is obviously one person, that one person will be staying after. I agree it is a good visual reminder.