Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flip side...

I posted our Georgia O'Keeffe projects and mentioned that we would be doing some Wayne Thiebaud inspired projects to balance out the art mediums we were using.  So... how did we do it?  Those that used chalk pastels for G. O'K used oil pastels for our W T project.  We focused on how he drew food, used shapes  and always had strong shadows.  Theses students drew out their food with oil pastel, focusing on color mixing and creating shadows.  We then painted over them with watercolor.

The students that used oil pastels last time used chalk pastels this time.  We again focused on how he drew food, used shapes  and always had strong shadows. We also talked about how he drew more than one object in his pictures.  We then created a collaborative project (one for each class) with each student drawing one object for our image.  

It was fun to see two different projects from one lesson.  I also loved hearing the classes discuss what each of the other class must have been working on.  "see the shapes... see their shadows..."

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  It is always my favorite holiday... 
Great weather.  Cute new clothes for everyone.  
...and the fact that Christ rose from the dead!   What a wonderful promise we have! 

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