Friday, October 9, 2015

The Element of Space

When we finished up our element of art photo collage I asked the students if they realized that no one had to photograph "space." We talked about how photographing space would require us to use lines, shapes, colors, forms and texture.
then I introduced the idea of forced perspective photography. I showed them some photos taken by other people and they were hooked. They loved the pictures and were wondering how they were created.
I did a brief demonstration on how to use the "rules" of space to manipulate the photos. We talked for a few minutes and then we headed outside to take photos.

With 10 minutes left to class we returned to the room to edit our photos. By the end of the class they sent me their best 2-3 photos and I was IMPRESSED!

I love this photo because while they were creating this... 

I was taking this...
I love how you can see how they were taking the photo and the final product. 

While not every photo turned out the best, each group was able to get at least one good photo. This is a lesson we will definitely be using again! 


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  2. Wow, very creative, I used your lesson in a my creative arts class. When I become a teacher I will defiantly be incorporating this outstanding idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.