Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Photographing the Elements of Art

I see my 6th graders for "bonus" art for one quarter worth of Wednesdays. This year we are really focusing on the elements of art. We started with a review of what are the elements of art. Next they drew tags for an element to photograph.
I sent them into the great big world of the middle school with timers set for 10 minutes. They had to photograph as many things as they could find that would "show" their element of art. After 10 minutes they returned to the room to "assemble" their photos.
Using the app PicCollage they created 3x3 photo collage's of their elements. We had a lot of good discussion regarding making sure their photos really focused on the element of art. For example the photo of the exit sign is a "form" until your zoom in on the "shape" of the letter x.
As they finished, they uploaded them to artsonia. There were a few who needed to be sent back as their photos got fuzzy when enlarged but it only took a quick minute to change the photos and send them back. It was really a lot of fun to see what they selected for their photos.

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