Thursday, December 12, 2013

Use your Brain

Last year a student gave me this picture
after my "use your Right brain in art class" talk.

Little did he know that it would be the foundation for an assignment he would have to do in 6th grade.  Here is his project from 6th grade.
The project required the student to take a personality assessment that helped the learn if they were a stronger left brain or a stronger right brain.  They then researched the characteristics of each type of learning.  They listed the things the most related to them.  We also looked at some of the hundred's of graphic images comparing left brain vs. right brain. (just google left brain vs. right brain and hit image) Then they got to going. 

Their image had to show how their brain worked (more left, more right, in the middle).  2 days worth of kids used their photos.  
While 2 days worth of kids used a photo of a brain.
You can check out more of them at

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