Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CD Case Design

When Rina over at K-6 Art posted this neat post about drawing portraits on CD cases I knew I found the conclusion to our 5th grade portrait unit.  It gave me a lot of freedom based on how many days each group had (track meets, music contest, random Friday off... all those things that impact the end of the year).

Day 1 and 2
We drew our faces on front using sharpies and then opened the CD case to paint our faces... we made them bright, bold and beautiful.  (painting on the inside prevents the paint from scratching off).  Then we used one 4 3/4" x 5" paper for writing words that describe us.  These words went behind our portraits.  The CD cases are then completely usable (would be an awesome way to send home a digital portfolio).


this kiddo painted his whole cover so his solution was to put his lettering in "backwards"
Day 3
These kiddo's never miss so their job was to make their CD Case into a "book."  These kiddo's used the thicker CD cases.  They did the same painting but we finished them with a 20" x 4 3/4" paper accordion folded into the back.  They then completed them by writing a story, creating a cartoon, designing the pages, creating collages, etc...
Day 4
These kiddo's were stuck missing out... but those that finished early could do one "just for fun."  These were some of my fav's.  They really got into this project! 

You may not be able to tell but on the first two they painted everything BUT the face on the front of the case.  They then painted the background.  This created an awesome sense of depth to their images.  The first one is in the window "glowing," the other is inside. 

painting right to the edge
 These are the same picture... the first one has a light shinning through it, the second is plain.  Pretty neat... (would make an awesome window display)

You can check out all the images on Artsonia.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the writing component. I will add the accordion to my project next year. Thanks for the shout out.

    Rina at