Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White out...

We have probably all heard the joke about the art student turning in a white paper and telling the teacher "it's a white cow in a snowstorm."  Well I challenged my 6th graders to solve that problem.


  • You get 3 pieces of white computer paper to make a snowstorm collage.  
  • You may use a "dusting" of grey chalk to show edges
  • You are graded on creative thinking (not just snowmen) and craftsmanship
It was definitely challenging but some of them turned out super cute...
of course they don't photograph exceptionally well.  

Now if only we could get some snow around here!


  1. They are very cool (ha ha). Seriously, it's a great idea. I remember a college painting prof setting up an all white still life - eggs, fabric, vases, toilet paper roll, etc. it was a fun challenge.

    As for the snow, would you like some of ours?

  2. Thanks Phyl... I would take some of your snow. I am such a season person that I get sad when my seasons are lacking...

  3. I think these look like alot of fun. I really enjoy your lessons. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you... I also enjoy checking out your blog. I love the illustrated idioms you just finished up!