Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gotta Love Sub Lessons...

My 6th graders werefinishing up their still life projects and I had to be gone for a Relay for Life commitment.  So that meant I had to have a sub during a super important step.  I knew they sub but I was still NERVOUS.  
Mrs. Hahn at Mini Matisse to the rescue.  
I was writing out my lessons when her blog post "I'm in LOVE with notans" came through my reader.  I just knew it would solve my problems... The kids would still get to do a fun project but I don't have to worry about them "messing" up an important step on their still-life drawings.  Thank you Mrs. Hahn for the idea and Mrs. Couch for teaching a great lesson... I love how they turned out.

The students were given the task of using one 6x6 piece of red paper and one 9x12 piece of white paper.  They had to cut out hearts, reversing the paper in and out (like you do with notans) BUT their goal was to create a graphic image and not a "valentiney looking" image.  I think they did a great job!


  1. These are awesome. I've always loved positive and negative space design!

    1. thank you... It was fun how much even my "big" kids liked doing a seasonal project.

  2. these are great, i love how strong yet simple they are.

  3. Awe... I was just looking at some of your GREAT projects you've been doing this year and ran across this shout out to our blog:) Thanks! I ADORE you clay flowers. I pinned it!

  4. Buenisimo! yo hice algo parecido!!
    Saludo Ana