Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Celebrating Creativity - Keith Jacobshagen

This month we looked at the inspiring paintings of Keith Jacobshagen.  Here is one of his pictures from the Joslyn Art Museum.
We started our project looking at his "big sky" paintings.  We discussed his use of horizon line and how beautiful the sky was.  We all agreed we had seen something like that in Nebraska.  

For the project, we started by giving each student 2 pieces of watercolor paper.  One of the paintings was to be inspired by Keith's work and the world we live in.  The other was inspired by the beautiful watercolor paintings created by Mrs. Impey's students

The kids got right to work... it wasn't quiet but it was fun!

Here are some of their finished winter birch tree paintings 

Here are some their finished "big sky" paintings.  
Many of the students chose to use a black tree silhouette.

I even had a student who just wanted the "big sky."

Happy January everyone... Hopefully we get some good things finished soon to share with you!

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