Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ummmmm... YES!

A few other teachers have been talking about going to the National Convention (see there's a dragon in my art room and art project girl) and I am super excited to say that YOU BET I AM GOING!  It is the national convention which means I will
  1. get a ton of new ideas
  2. meet lots of interesting people, who love what I love
  3. get to visit some rocking art museums
  4. spend time learning about what is happening with art education
and it is in NEW YORK CITY!

My college professor was pretty adamant about us getting involved in NAEA and took us to Los Angeles when I was a Junior in College (that was when I got my picture taken with Johnny Depp...swooon). 

During my first years of teaching my mentor teacher would take me to the National Convention (back when our school district at least covered the cost of hotels and registration). 

I have never regretted going and have always returned refreshed and full of passion for my job.  This year won't be the easiest to go as I have to foot the WHOLE bill myself (darn budget cuts) and I will be leaving my 3 little ones at home (lucky for me they have a great dad) but I really believe it is worth it.
...plus I will have the pleasure of traveling with a first year art teacher from our district and showing her how awesome national convention can be. 

Hope to see some of you there!

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