Friday, January 27, 2012

Hooooome Run!

Sometimes you just get a lesson that is a ton of fun to teach, the kids love and you get the best results from...
that day was yesterday.
Okay so they always love clay but their projects were just great!  With 4 different days I came up with/borrowed 4 different ideas for pinch pots.  Thursday (day one) was setting the pinch pot on it's side and using it to be the mouth of a creature... any creature.  I had dogs, cats, pigs, evil creatures, frogs and so much more.  I had fish who were eating fish.  I had clams filled with pearls.  I loved them asking "can I make....?"  "Is this okay... I made it thinner than my finger?"  "Don't worry, I hollowed them out and left an air hole." 

Today they had to turn their pinch pots upside down and then build a creature.  It was good... just not great!  (or maybe after yesterday I had too high of expectations?)

Monday is pinch pot monster faces as inspired by the website 365 days of pinch pots.

Tuesday will be bird day.  It is a hodge podge of ideas... think angry birds meets arts and activities slab birds (Feb. 2011 edition) mixed with clay whistle birds finished with a touch of whimsy... 

We will see how it goes...

**and on another note... have you oiled your clay tools lately?  After the 6th grade finished their projects (right before Christmas) we rubbed vegetable oil into the rolling pins, shishkaboob sticks and guides.  All that dry wood loved it.  And I loved that it made them easier to use/clean for this project. 

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  1. So cool...I just found your blog and love it. I have a senior that goes to a small art high school and is always doing art. I can't wait to see more...I am your newest follower!!

    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition