Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Flies...

I have been hard at work simplifying my life.  This process has involved MANY trips to the dumpster, a few to goodwill and the re-purposing of selected things (spiral weavings on my old cd's anyone...).  One of my motto's has been... re-organizing stuff I don't need or use feels good for a little while.  De-owning the stuff I don't need or use feels good forever.   

But as for our classroom.  We have been busy finishing up our perspective drawings.  5th graders used one point perspective to draw a castle or a city.  We worked on the main part of the drawing together and then they finished them on their own... think "what is happening across from your castle?"  "what is happening in your town?"

6th grade has been working on 2 point perspective drawing.  We spent some time talking about all the "stuff" we collect in America and how different it is from the rest of the world. Think "do you have enough shirts to wear a different one each day this week?  "Do you have enough to eat that you complain about what is put in front of you?"  We talked about how coming back from break there are people who feel great because they got a bunch of stuff (that will break or wear out) and there are others who don't feel that way. 

The first 2 classes created gift boxes (thanks minimatisse for the great idea) filled with TRUE GIFTS... those things that can't be bought, won't break or wear out and can be given at anytime.  Things like friendship, smiles, help, joy, etc.  The other 2 classes created a 2 point perspective city drawing where all the store sold only "true gifts."  I can't wait to shop at "Hugs R Us!"

and my "so far" favorite... just because it is the end of the day and chocolate chip cookies sound YUMMY!

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