Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday Project #1

This year we have our PLC meetings on Wednesdays.  That means I get to see every 6th graders for a "bonus" quarter on these short days.  This is much better than last year when I saw random kids for a quarter. 

For our first "bonus" class meeting we were lucky enough to have two days back to back (I am seeing my Thursday classes this quarter) since I had covered the "get to know" you stuff the week before.  So we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and head outside.  We started by looking at the artwork of Julian Beever, the Sidewalk Picasso.  I assigned each group an artist and artwork and we headed outside and got to work creating.  It was a lot of fun to see them work together (and it was great that Walgreen's had a clearance sale on chalk because they used a lot of it).  Check out our Monet's, VanGogh's and Dine's... 

We were hoping they would last through the weekend but a surprise rain shower on Thursday night finished them off.  At least the kids had a great time making them...

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