Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Break

School starts next week... already? Like always summer goes really fast.  As teachers the "end" of summer is bittersweet.  I will miss the time I have to spend with my three kiddo's but I am also excited about heading back to school and meeting all my new kiddo's. 

Here are my "at home" kiddo's...
This summer we caught some caterpillars
and are waiting for them to come out of their chrysalis.  It has been so much fun.  I am thinking it is fitting as this time of year fills my stomach with "butterflies."

I can't wait to meet my 300ish new 5th graders and to see the returning 300ish 6th graders.  The classroom is slowly coming together.  This year they stripped my floor and so it has taken longer than usual for me to get back at it.  I have spent the last few days laying out my plan for this year.  I started a storage system for all my ideas and I am thinking it will be a good thing. 

In the past I have tabbed pages of my magazines and printed off websites.  This year I am tearing the pages out of the magazines and writing on them with sticky notes.  Then I am filing them my subject/concept.  Hopefully I won't loose them and will be able to find them quickly when I need them.  :)

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