Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Getting Back at it...

I am working at getting back into the groove of the school year and back in the groove of blogging. It is my goal to create a place for my students (and their families) to review what we are doing in class each week. I am hoping to do a post of what we are working on, what is coming up and what we have finished.

This week we worked on getting to know one another. I started the year with my "get to know the art room" slideshow and a first assignment. The inspiration for this project came from a post on a facebook art teacher group page. I knew when I saw it that it would be a perfect way to collaborate and start the year off learning a bit more about each other.

Each student got a square and had to finish it in the following way.
We talked about how if everyone does this; we will learn who they are, something from their past and something from their future. If they color it this way we will also create a really cool 3-d looking wall. I am super excited to see what they make. 
This is my finished example. I remind them I have 30+ years of practice on them and then share how awesome it was when Mrs. Glanzer would draw a cake for everyones birthday in Kindergarten and how I dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Coliseum in Rome. 

Coming Next Week:  I am going to introduce the students to Artsonia and we are going to upload our cube drawings before we install the collaboration. 

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