Friday, October 28, 2016

Wednesday's Digital Art Class

My 6th grade students get an extra quarter of art every year. I work to make the focus be on creating digital art. My students love it and I love that our only set up is handing out iPads (art teachers who paint, clay, collage, etc during the rest of the week understand).

We started with VALUE LANDSCAPES where students learn how to use drawing pad and create a landscape with changing values to show space.

Then we moved onto LINE PORTRAITS where students reviewed the facial rules and contour line while drawing a self portrait. 
For a fun break, our next project was using FriendBlender to recreate a famous artwork with my students' faces. They had to research the artist and artwork so they could write a quality artist statement. This is one of my favorite projects for them to do. 

Our 4th project was a review of STILL LIVES with a focus on colors and blending. They were still working with drawing pad and their skills were improving. 

After we finished our still lives we reviewed how important our use of colors can be. Therefore, we created a COLOR WHEEL using the app TypeDrawing. The kids had a really fun time reviewing the color wheel with this fun app. 

As students finished their color wheel we discussed how the images were balanced. Did they use radial, symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. We then finished the quarter by creating radial designs that use their names to create the image. 

All in all, it was a fun quarter of art projects that lead to a lot of great discussions how easy doesn't always equal quality. It was also a really great way to review a lot of vocabulary we have covered in 5th grade (and before). 


  1. Do you know if there is something on Chromebooks that would allow students to do the same thing at the TypeDrawing app?

    1. I haven't spent much time looking into chromebooks so I am not sure. I would try tweeting out this question. I am 100% sure twitter-verse would know.