Thursday, October 13, 2016

NATA 2016

2 weeks ago I was able to attend that Nebraska Art Teacher Associations Fall conference in McCook, NE. It was such a wonderful time.

#1 The landscape is ABSOLUTELY beautiful...

#2 The Community of McCook is a hidden gem. They are a progressive small town who values the arts (and I think their art teacher Deb Goodenberger is a huge reason why). They also have the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Nebraska with the Sutton House. We were able to tour it and wow! While I might not have agreed with everything FLW did, he sure can design a house. 
The history of the house is shared with every 5th grader as Mrs. Goodenberger has them tour it every year, even though it is a private residence. It has been a house, an apartment building, a doctor clinic and then fully restored to a private home. You can read more here or here

#3 The Keynote was AMAZING! Kenneth Shelton was so good. It was a small group of us and he really connected with everyone and shared his wealth knowledge. I will be doing another post about him as there is too much to share right here.

#4 The state of Nebraska has some really great art teachers in leadership roles and they work really hard to promote the arts and art education in the state. From Deb Goodenberger who organized the event to our Co-Presidents and past presidents. Everyone there was advocating for power of art education. It is always challenging to give up classroom/weekend time to attend conferences but after spending 2 days surrounded by your peers you are rejuvenated and ready to rock.

#5 And then this happened. I was honored as the Nebraska Middle Level Art Teacher of the year.
It is such an honor. I don't really have any way to explain how much it means. 

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