Friday, January 16, 2015

Taco Bowls

Awhile back I headed to our local Menards to buy Taco Bowls.  They had two packs on sale for $1.79 each.  I bought 80 of them.  Yes the guy helping me load them though I was crazy... I mean who needs 80 taco bowls.

Well, Art teachers do.  My 6th graders used them when creating their clay coil projects.  The assignment was to create a project that had two requirements:  it has to be some sort of bowl, it has to be created using the coil method.  They finished them with tempera and varnish.  I think they are awesome!


  1. I didn't even know they sold taco bowls like that! I'm going to have to hit up Menards. These are so much more fun than using just a plain old bowl!

    1. They were pretty fun to make... and if you leave them in their plastic bags you don't even have to use paper towels to keep them from sticking.