Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shape Collages

Last year when I saw Tatjana Knudsen's Post "Meet the Creative Part of Me" I fell in love.  These simple shapes, bright colors and creative idea sparked something.  While my project is a pretty close copy I made a few changes...
A triangle dinosaur playing basketball
Students started by defining the element of Shape.  Then they selected 3 numbers between 1 and 9.  The first number was the shape they would have to use.  The second number was the animal they would have to make.  The third number was the action the animal had to be doing.  After they found out what they had to create I gave them some time to plan.
a circle cat texting
While they were planning we also painted our background papers.  We looked at the images by Karin Olsen and agreed that the backgrounds were filled with colors and not details.  Students worked hard to finish their colorful backgrounds before tackling the collage the following week.
a circle cat walking
As students entered the room they were given back their background paper and they worked really hard to finish their images.  Our last steps were to add sharpie details as needed and to write a short story about what was happening in the images.  The stories were pretty awesome!

You can see more at ARTSONIA.

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