Friday, November 14, 2014

Exploring Art Mediums

One of the first projects my 6th graders did this year was inspired by the one and only Nic Hahn over at MINI MATISSE (if you haven't checked her out - go there NOW!).  Anyway... Nic spent the summer making these awesome "Medium Monsters" to help her mini's know more about art mediums.
I shared a few of Mrs. Hahn's monster and then challenged my students to create something equally awesome using art mediums.  They were given a lot of freedom (in retrospect too much freedom for a first project). 
Their project requirements were to create an image using a minimum of 4 mediums - NEATLY!
We started by creating stations around the room and the students filled in their medium books.  
Then they filled out a proposal for their idea and got to work.  While many of them had each medium represented, they didn't use them in all their awesomeness!

Feel free to stop over at Arstonia and check out more of what they have done. 

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  1. OH!! I love it! Using different media is so much fun for the kids. I bet they had a blast with it. Thank you so much for sharing!