Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I was finishing up my last class before lunch/recess duty and there was a girl in there who was really "fighting me" on doing her project.  This students is strong willed and vocal but today she was really against what I wanted her to do. (Contour line drawing)

I asked her to stay after class for a moment to talk with her.  I shared that this type of drawing might not be "her thing" but that it is one more tool in her toolbox.  Her argument was that she is good at drawing what she likes but she can't do anything else.

Then she got me... she said, "remember last year when I drew my face and you made me redo it because I had put a hat on it because I can't draw eyes."  OUCH... this was something that I truly can not recall.  I can't recall the assignment or the conversation but it obviously STUCK with her and is impacting her view of her ability to make art.  This is one of my worst fears come true...to be that teacher that ruined art for someone.  

With 600+ students I  can't always give them each 100% all day, every day, all the time. Classes are in and out in 45 minutes once a week... but my 5 second comment has stuck with her for over a year.

I will go forward from here taking a little more time to reflect on what I am saying and how I am saying it... and I pray that I make it up to her this year and help rebuild her confidence.

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