Monday, October 6, 2014

inspiARTion app

This summer in one of my classes we had to look at apps we could use on Google.  I downloaded a few and once class was over I didn't think twice about them.  Last week I was exploring ways to teach the color wheel to my 5th graders in a simple way before we venture into paint mixing and I came across an app I downloaded this summer.
The app is called inspirARTion and it has some really fun features (and its FREE).  The two that I have really found to be unique are under symmetry.  You can choose vertical or horizontal lines of symmetry.  As you draw above the line it is transferred to below the line.... like magic.   Check out my name drawing that I quickly created:
InspirARTion (3).png

Also under symmetry is "kaleidoscope" which allows you to choose 4-10 axis.  As you draw in one "piece of the pie" it copies the drawing to all the others.  I am letting the students explore and the kids are love, love, loving it.  Their assignment requirements are to use the colors of the color wheel in color order, get creative, show good craftsmanship and upload it to artsonia with an artist statement.  So far they are rocking it!

Here are a few examples:
Titled Sonic Boom... what he thinks a sonic boom would look like.
I see a science lesson starting here. 

You can check out all of them at ARTSONIA

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