Monday, July 14, 2014

iPad Class and my request

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I am taking a super exciting class this week can "Advanced iPad in the Classroom."  I am super excited but like this picture above my iPad is pretty blank.  If you have a favorite iPad app, please share with me. Please leave a comment here so everyone else can learn from you also.
Thanks - Jen


  1. I don't have any apps I love to share but I have some sites to share for ideas that I have saved in anticipation of using IPads in the art room... ( 3/26/2013 post ) ( Leslie at the way cool donald art room uses IPads on a daily basis, all their students carry their own from class to class) Enjoy your class! :)

    1. Thanks... I will check those out. I am finding there is A LOT of awesomeness out there!

  2. I recently took the Advanced iPads through AOE in June. I learned a lot through that program, here are some apps and websites that are great!

    Creation Apps: Brushes; SketchBook Express; Percolator; WordFoto; TypeDrawing; Amaziograph; Do Ink Animation; Green Screen Animation; iMotion; Pic Collage

    Teacher Tool Apps: ClassDojo; Flashcardlet; QR Reader; NeoReader;!; Aurasma; ThinkgLink; Dropbox; Artsonia; Pinterest; Flickr

    iPad Websites:;;;

    Hope that helps!