Monday, December 3, 2012

reason #124 that I love art blogs...

A while back (during our pumpkin project) I had a sub who majorly flubbed the assignment.  She didn't read the instructions carefully and just searched YouTube for a video instead of showing the kids the video I had made.  Needless to say, that project was one they "took home to finish" real quick and I had them restart our gesture drawing - medium practice project.  However, that left the class with less work time than anyone else so...


In my Google reader I star, group and keep track of art posts that inspire me. It is much like my old file folder/bookcase/file cabinet system but much easier to search.  I knew I had seen a cool post about using candy corn but couldn't remember where.  Thanks to Google Reader, I just typed in "candy corn" and a whole list came up.  Of course Shine Brite Zamorano's Post was right at the top.  A quick click and I had my inspiration ready to go.

Here are some of the finished images...
check out the rest at

So once again, thank you to all the bloggers out there sharing their ideas...


  1. I am so glad the candy corn lesson helped you out! I am not big into holiday lessons, but this one satisfied my jones for contemporary artists as well as being "in the season".

    1. and my kiddo's loved eating their inspiration :)