Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yesterday was a CRAZY day of end of the quarter work being finished, projects being handed back, missing work being reviewed, tracking down sick kiddos and starting with week "Monday Goodies" but in the midst of it all we made magic...

The kids LOVED the oil resist snowflakes.  It was super hard to keep them on task when there was always someone dunking their snowflake.  It was music to my ears to hear them "ooooohhh" and "aaahhhh" as they removed them from the black paint.
Then to finish them with glitter was almost more than they could handle.  
Day One's Creations
I don't usually allow student to make up clay but with so many of these going home as gifts, I made 25 extra "discs" for those students who were sick .  It really meant a lot to them that they didn't have to miss out entirely.... and they turned out pretty neat also!
(My lesson learned was to wear gloves while dipping them.  I had a hospital board meeting last night and had to attend with black all around my fingernails... ewwww!)

and speaking of "Monday Goodies."  Check out this adorable goody from one of my 5th graders

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