Monday, August 27, 2012


The start of the year always means an elements and principles of art review for my 6th graders.  Rather than having days of lectures, I decided they would do a small art project for each one.  I have 12 sections (3 classes a day for 4 days) of my 6th graders.  For my sanity I try to keep them working on the same (or very similar things).  For our review of lines we are doing a different line project for each day... check out my examples below.  

"Contour Line Mapping"... done art class style

"Art with Mr. E's" line design

Non-Figurative Line drawing with lines and colors

Our "Line Quilts"

Each project takes about one class period to finish.  They are not complicated so it also makes for a great review of CRAFTSMANSHIP.  At the end I am going to display them all together.


  1. What size is the paper? I love Mr. E's project, but it took my students FOREVER to finish these, with all the careful shading/blending. Nobody got them done in one class period.

  2. Since they are "review" projects we are working 6x6. At the end of the review they will have 6 different 6x6 drawings. To make the drawing go faster we made "guidelines" come down from the dots. For those not done (which was a lot of them) I allowed them to take them with them at the end of class. They are small enough that they shouldn't get too messed up in the folders... I hope. Hope you are enjoying your retirement!