Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day Projects

I love to start the kids off with a project, instead of the rules.  (I think they listen better when they get a rule break as the first few days are FILLED with rules)

5th grade started by create a self portrait for our "class portrait wall."  (Thank you Smart Art Class for sharing.)  On the back of their notecard they tell me a little about themselves.  It makes me giggle to read things like, "my brother likes video games and my mom likes lottery tickets."  It breaks my heart to read things like, "my grandma uses drugs." It is amazing what you learn from watching them draw, having them write and asking them about their lives.


6th grade started by creating their art folder covers.  We discussed graffiti lettering and the difference between art and vandalism.  (hopefully it helps curb any "bathroom drawing")  They loved it... and thought I was "cool" because I liked this style of lettering!

WARNING... the following is a divergent thought.  
For my first few years of blog following I was concerned about my teaching when looking at my students artwork.  I thought that all these teachers were getting these amazing projects from EVERY kid they taught. Only once I started blogging did it dawn on me that  they only showed the really good ones.  So with truth in advertising in mind, here are two more examples of projects that I have had turned in...


  1. Your divergent thought made me laugh! The other thing I realised too is that some art teachers actually do quite a bit of the cutting and "fixing' of kids work too! I favour the kids do it all themselves method. But the results are quite varied

  2. THank you for that divergent thought! I was feeling the same way!