Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun Sub Plan...

Early Friday morning I was blessed with the working mom's favorite... sick kiddos.  So while the hubby was home manning the fort, I flew up to school and pulled out my emergency sub plan. (It is so nice to have this ready to go).  My school kids were to finish any missing projects first (found in their art folders).  Then they could work on our pop art hip hop George Washington.

I bought this book earlier this year ...
And it included Gilbert Stuart's George Washington.

I had some copies ready to go of the coloring page.  The trick was that the students had to look at Andy Warhol's Beethoven and then make George Washington into a pop art version of himself, thinking about how he might have looked in today's hip hop world.  They were definitely creative. 

... hope our first president forgives me.


  1. Hi, Jen....I found this post on Pinterest. I love it! I posted a link to here on my blog for sub lessons. I hope you don't mind. jan

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