Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrate Creativity Night #1

So a while back I wrote about going to Omaha for Celebrate Creativity at the Joslyn Art Museum.  Today was our first meeting for "Celebrating Creativity Art."  Since challenge art was cut from our district, I thought this might be a good fill in.  We started by looking at Keith Jacobshagen's work as he had a painting at the Joslyn. 
Next we looked at Karen Krull Robart's work as she is currently showing at our local art center.
Next we looked at the work of Catherine Meier (my personal fav... and not just because she is my cousin).
 We discussed how all three of them used the wide open spaces of Nebraska for their inspiration.  We also discussed where/how they placed their horizon lines.  The students then created some large (18x24) wet-in-wet watercolor paintings of the open spaces.  We played with salt and saran wrap to get neat textures in our skies. 

While we were working on these paintings and waiting for them to dry, we looked at the artwork of Darryl Norem.  We worked on creating some collage pieces that also reflected the open spaces we live in by again altered the size of the project.  The kids really enjoyed playing with paint to create these images.

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  1. Wow... Love these. Will do something similar tomorrow with my yr 6's I think. Thnx