Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wenesday Art Classes

This year our district cut the "challenge arts" program... but my schedule allowed for me to teach a "bonus" day to every 6th grader during one quarter of the school year.  It doesn't allow for those small classes of gifted artists but is does allow me to see my kiddos more often.  Guess you take what you get.

Today is the first day of a new quarter (really, where did 1st quarter go?).  We are starting with a lesson on Keith Haring.  We will spend some time on his great website doing research.  They also use the "interactive coloring book" to create a poster.  Last quarter we finished our Keith Haring projects with a line drawing inspired by him and then put our gesture drawing "guys" over the top. 
Loving Hattie's Lines!
Destiny's Dancers
I haven't decided how to finish the lesson just yet.  I keep going back to how Keith drew on "stuff" and keep thinking I would love to have the kids do something like this.  I was thinking of maybe having them draw on folders we could sell as a fundraiser?  Good thing I have another week to figure it out.  Any other ideas?
Image from the Keith Haring Website

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