Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learning as you go...

Idea Conception... Create an abstract sculpture using cardboard.  Must have 5 parts, have 5 tints/shades and must stand independently.
Lesson Learned... cardboard is way to hard for students to cut and I dislike seeing inside the corrugated parts. 

Idea #2... Same lesson but use oaktag. 
Lesson Learned... oaktag is really hard to paint with 5 different tints and shades because it starts drooping and changing shapes as they work and that equals frustrated students.

Idea #3 Paint the paper and then build the sculpture.  We build them tomorrow so we will see how it really works. 
Lesson Learned?  My fear is that the glue might not hold to the painted paper.
...and what about those already built sculptures?

Idea #3b... Paint the sculpture one color and then paint a base that is a "value scale" with 5 tints and shades.

Final Thoughts... if we do this or a similar project in the future, we will collect cereal boxes to use as our building material.  They would be easier to cut than cardboard and they would be stronger than oaktag. 

I am glad that I have so many classes to work through some of  these projects.  I think the students have learned a lot from seeing the progression of this project.  Hopefully they appreciate that even teachers have to work on stuff to figure it out... and they see that Mrs. Carlisle didn't just give up the first time it didn't work out.

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