Friday, September 23, 2011

Scared but Excited

Have you ever tackled a project that scared you?

I saw a neat idea for abstract sculpture on Use your Colored Pencils and instantly connected it to our unit on color. 

Today the students are finishing their abstract color mixing projects...

(We reviewed the color wheel and introduced abstract art.  Last week they created a glue design of white glue on black paper or black glue on white paper.  This week they used chalk pastels to finish their images.  I only gave them the primaries but they were required to use all 6 primary and secondary colors in their image.)

Next week I will introduce a lesson on abstract sculpture with a focus on tints and shades.  We will talk about Alexander Calder and his abstract sculpture.  They will then create an abstract sculpture with a minimum of 5 different sections.  The students will be required to paint each section a different tint or shade of one hue. 

What scares me ...
 Keeping track of  parts.  (5 parts to each sculpture x 279 students)
Finding room to store 279 sculptures while they dry.

Good thing I am so excited to continue our discussion on abstract artwork while studying the idea of tints and shades!

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