Friday, January 3, 2020

Left vs. Right Brain - The Left Side

As we finished our "right side of the brain drawings" we talked about how artists use the left side of the brain also.  We see and use symbols everyday.

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We also took a moment to look at symbols throughout history:
Image result for egyptian hieroglyphs
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Image result for keith haring
Keith Haring  (1958-1990)

... and even students younger than them who create artwork with symbols. 

Students started by creating a worksheet filled with personal symbols that represented who they are. 

Then they went on to create images in which they painted (or used markers) a main symbol. We created these in a "cartoon style" with flat bold colors and we finished them with thick black outlines. 

Finally, we put our main symbols onto a symbol filled background, using our personal symbols and more. 

It was fun to see they symbols they could come up with.