Monday, October 21, 2019

Non-Figurative Artwork vs. Abstract Artwork

Abstract Art is an image of something broken down into lines, shapes and colors. 
We looked at the painting "Musical Forms" by Georges Braque and discussed how once you know the title, you can see more of what the image is based on... but that it isn't an exact drawing of a guitar or music. 

Students then took a subject (their name)
and drew them onto 9" square paper. 

We cut the squares into 3" squares
and students were able to move them around.

Students focused on turning their names into an abstract image 
of lines, shapes and color (black and white). They focused on making sure 
the image was interesting to look at. 

They then uploaded them to Artsonia. You can see our images here.

Non-Figurative Art is artwork that is art created by using lines, shapes and colors. 
(sound familiar?)
We looked at this sculpture by Louise Nevelson called "Case with Five Balusters."

And then we created these non-figurative watercolor paintings 
that focus on lines, shapes and colors.

You can check out our non-figurative paintings here.

This was a fun way to create some quick projects that really 
help us understand the differences between abstract art and non-figurative art.