Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post It

Yesterday I saw this neat post at Job Mob.  It was a whole post on the use of sticky notes to create art. 

Today was an 11:30 dismissal so all my classes were 21 minutes long.  Not much time to do anything. 

So... we talked aboout how art can be anything creative. 

We then watched two videos (Deadline Animation and Extreme Sticky Notes)  We finished the classes with everyone making a "doodle" on a sticky note for our sticky note collage.  It was a lot of fun and I loved what the kiddos created!
my doorway
some of the "doodles"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wenesday Art Classes

This year our district cut the "challenge arts" program... but my schedule allowed for me to teach a "bonus" day to every 6th grader during one quarter of the school year.  It doesn't allow for those small classes of gifted artists but is does allow me to see my kiddos more often.  Guess you take what you get.

Today is the first day of a new quarter (really, where did 1st quarter go?).  We are starting with a lesson on Keith Haring.  We will spend some time on his great website doing research.  They also use the "interactive coloring book" to create a poster.  Last quarter we finished our Keith Haring projects with a line drawing inspired by him and then put our gesture drawing "guys" over the top. 
Loving Hattie's Lines!
Destiny's Dancers
I haven't decided how to finish the lesson just yet.  I keep going back to how Keith drew on "stuff" and keep thinking I would love to have the kids do something like this.  I was thinking of maybe having them draw on folders we could sell as a fundraiser?  Good thing I have another week to figure it out.  Any other ideas?
Image from the Keith Haring Website

Friday, October 14, 2011

One of THOSE days!

Fridays are always crazy good days...

I mean crazy because I am trying to finish up all the things I didn't get done the rest of the week and plan for next week and teach classes and....

I mean good because after a long week I get to spend the next day with my kiddos at home (or visiting the apple orchard... yeah!)

But today was a one of those amazing teaching days when you see a kid blossom! 
Alex is a 6th grader who struggles with the artroom.... the noise, the colors, and the kids.  It can overwhelm him.  He often spends the class time "shut down."  Today I brought out the iPad (loaned to me by our awesome ELL teacher).
Alex spent the whole time engaged with the drawing program.  He was excited to show me what he had created and at the end of class he asked to do it again next week... these were the first words he ever spoke in my room and he has been coming for 9 weeks. 


Project Updates

A few days ago I had posted about the Henri Rousseau Collages we were working on.  They are done and I really love the creativity of my students.  The stories they wrote to go with them are quite good!
can you spot the tiger?

Yesterday we also finished our abstract sculpture project.  They students made their sculptures from their painted paper and we had time for a "gallery walk."  It was a lot of fun to see them interacting with each other about the artwork they created. 

Gallery Walk

Thursday, October 13, 2011


5th graders just started color theory today and you can't help but be happy when this is what you get to see  all morning...
We looked at pictures of oil spills as inspiration for these drawings.  When these are done with the color mixing they will cover them with black paint... and that is hard to do when they are SO pretty.  Then we will do contour line drawings of "fall things" on them.  One day is leaves.  One day is pumpkins.  One day is bare trees. 
The last day will not use the scratch art lesson as they will miss a week due to parent teacher conferences.  They will instead do a construction paper silhouette of spooky houses. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learning as you go...

Idea Conception... Create an abstract sculpture using cardboard.  Must have 5 parts, have 5 tints/shades and must stand independently.
Lesson Learned... cardboard is way to hard for students to cut and I dislike seeing inside the corrugated parts. 

Idea #2... Same lesson but use oaktag. 
Lesson Learned... oaktag is really hard to paint with 5 different tints and shades because it starts drooping and changing shapes as they work and that equals frustrated students.

Idea #3 Paint the paper and then build the sculpture.  We build them tomorrow so we will see how it really works. 
Lesson Learned?  My fear is that the glue might not hold to the painted paper.
...and what about those already built sculptures?

Idea #3b... Paint the sculpture one color and then paint a base that is a "value scale" with 5 tints and shades.

Final Thoughts... if we do this or a similar project in the future, we will collect cereal boxes to use as our building material.  They would be easier to cut than cardboard and they would be stronger than oaktag. 

I am glad that I have so many classes to work through some of  these projects.  I think the students have learned a lot from seeing the progression of this project.  Hopefully they appreciate that even teachers have to work on stuff to figure it out... and they see that Mrs. Carlisle didn't just give up the first time it didn't work out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miss Carlisle

Here is Miss Carlisle...
Lauren came up to help me at school this weekend.  Here she is in my seat so the kids can see who is the real Miss Carlisle. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Progress

 The kids loved the abstract sculpture project and I loved watching them "figure it out."  A few students were upset that they were required to build the whole sculpture today... but they were also the first ones to agree that it was totally doable. 
I can't wait to see these painted next week!

Monday, October 3, 2011


In my nervous anticipation for our abstract sculpture project I recalled a "donation" that a mom made last year while I was on maternity leave.... 
these awesome Velcro closing plastic envelopes.  The students can write their name and class code in vis-a-vis marker and when they are done we can wash them clean. 
love parent's who think of us in the art room!
I am very excited to get these going today...  I will try to post some in-progress pics.